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A pen tagged as SOLD means that the pen in the picture is indeed sold, but another pen of the same material, style, and plating can be made. As soon as I get another of the same style, I will remove the sold pen to another page and post the new pen in its place. After a couple of weeks, the sold pens will be moved to the Sold Pen Gallery and a new pen will take its place.



10 K Gentleman's Rollerball
Price $175.00
Real Rattlesnake Skin
Embedded in Polyester Resin

Chrome Sierra
Price $85.00
Texas Flag Design
Curly Maple and Bloodwood

Chrome Twist Ballpoint
Price $45.00
Osage Orange aka Bois d'arc with African blackwood bands

Chrome Cigar Pen
SOLD $85.00
Prairie Rattlesnake Skin Encapsulated in Clear Resin

Jr. Statesman Roller Ball

Bethlehem Olive Wood
Rhodium Plating

 Jr. Statesman Rollerball
SOLD Price $175.00
Rare & Exotic Snakewood
Rhodium Plating

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